Your Guide To Accepting Acting Jobs!

3 Reasons to Accept a Role:

Are you an actor who knows what kind of roles you prefer far before accepting acting jobs? Are you willing to do nudity? What if you don’t eat meat? All of these answers will be determined by your lifestyle choices and values.

But sometimes a role or audition may come along and you may be unsure what to do. For whatever reason, you haven’t quite determined where you stand for this particular role. Or you may feel like the project details are in a grey area.

Well, we wanted to give you some suggestions for those rare moments of, “I don’t know what to do!” When deciding if you should accept an acting job, we believe at least two out of the three reasons below should be true. And if there’s only one, well then, we think it’s not worth it. And that’s important because sometimes when there’s just one, it can seem so great.



As an artist, this criteria is the most important and least important. The idea of “how much am I getting paid for this” can be filled with so many emotions. Money can be a great factor (but hopefully not the only factor) when making a choice about acting jobs.

If you just need the money (hopefully not, but it happens) or it pays incredibly well, then this may be a job for you. But remember, we still recommend at least one of the two things below to be true as well. So let’s continue…


If this project will get you a lot of exposure, then it’s something to consider. And not “exposure” in a featured background kind of way. But true exposure as in, “Who’s that girl?!” kind of way.

Maybe this project will give you the opportunity to play a different type or show your range. Maybe the filmmakers believe in you and are willing to take the risk. Or maybe you will move up a tier: going from co-star to guest star. It could also give you the opportunity to network with industry peers such as an office you would like to meet or a director whose work you admire.


If your dream role comes along, it’s probably a no-brainier. But if your dream role doesn’t pay anything AND the filmmakers behind the project are questionable, you may want to reconsider. Of course, it is your career and it’s always your choice.

But sometimes the material is just something you really connect with and you’re just really feeling it. Or it’s really true to your brand and the message connects to your values and your beliefs. So you want to support the project – whatever way you can.


Again, these are just tips for when you are really stuck and don’t know about accepting some acting jobs. When a role seems so great but you cannot make a decision, ask yourself how many of the suggested elements are there.


What other factors do you consider when accepting acting jobs?

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