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Self-described as a service that provides LA-based actors with more audition opportunities than any other service. Also equipped with professional equipment, free of charge, for filmmakers. You may register free as a filmmaker to book space, or become a member as an actor for audition opportunities.

Membership starts at $10.95/month. (with a one-month free trial) which includes audition opportunities, the ability to watch all of your audition videos, and free self- taping auditions at the studio. They also partner with New Filmmakers LA.
Self-described as the studio that helps books more work, CAZT allows you to find and submit for roles, watch your auditions, and read feedback from directors (when provided). They also provide a place for self-taping. This Los Angeles based studio offers a monthly plan ($19.99/month with a $10 setup fee), a quarterly plan ($59.79), and a semi-annual plan ($83.94).
Casting Frontier was started in 2006. Self-described as THE platform for talent to market their material. Actors can create a free basic profile or upgrade to a monthly or yearly packages ranging from $12 a month to $89/year.

They serve many cities including Los Angeles, New York, Washington DC/Baltimore, Chicago, Texas, Philadelphia, Central Florida, Pacific Northwest, San Francisco, Twin Cities, Michigan, Toronto and the Mid-Atlantic.
Casting Networks was started in 2002. Self-described as the science behind the art of casting. Casting Networks is a family of casting websites including, nycastingcom, and more. This international site serves Los Angeles, San Francisco, Australia, United Kingdom.
Self-described, as the premiere actor service company and having all the tools professional actors need to succeed. They also offer cool updates about the industry. They offer free actor registration. There is also an opportunity to upgrade based on the package that serves you best - ranging from $11/month to $21/month.
Backstage has been around for over 50 years. Self-described as the most trusted name in casting since 1960. Performers can easily view casting notices on their website. Their website also gives news and advice.

There are many membership options ranging from an online only subscription each month ($19.95) to a print and online membership. There are multiple membership options. You can pay $19.95 month for online access only up to a print and online edition for $16.61 paid annually. Serving many cities including New York, Miami, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Atlanta.
Actor Access has been in business since 1971. Self-described as a professional tool that provides Casting Directors with a way to find a top acting talent when casting a project. And it's completely free to sign up and view projects!

For only $68 per year, you get unlimited electronic submissions. Or you can also pay a few bucks per submission. Serves many cities areas including Los Angeles, New York, Vancouver, Toronto, Chicago, Texas, Southeast United States, Northwest United States, Florida, Hawaii, Colorado and Utah, and the Mid-Atlantic.

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