Online Casting Websites for Actors

Real Online Casting Opportunities:

There are oh so many, arguably way too many online casting websites that cater to actors. Some are great investments, while others should be avoided at all costs. But there are a few sites that are unarguably legitimate and great resources while building an acting career.


Online Casting Site Actors Access
Online Casting Site Casting Networks
Online Casting Site
Actors Access has been around the longest and is great for everything from getting paid film work to gaining material to build a demo reel.
Not only does it provide online casting information, it also includes a Showfax subscription. Showfax provides access to tons of sides, making it an extremely valuable resource.


Casting Networks is great for self-submitting to commercials and just about all of our clients have it.  This online casting site offers auditions internationally through their various websites. They list an overwhelming amount of breakdowns each day, which means it’s ripe with opportunity.

Articles, resources, auditions – it feels like Backstage has it all. And there are a variety of online casting opportunities listed daily ranging from modeling to theater. They also offer a free trial to get you started.

Just in case you want more, we’ve complied an entire must have list of the most reputable online casting services for actors. Grab it here:

Free Actor’s Resource Guide: Your List of Top Online Casting Sites

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